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Energetic Healing - Testimonials


"I came to see you a few years ago and both times were almost life changing. I want to make another appointment and ask a few questions in the session. I am a flight attendant and now live in Chicago but I never forgot my experience with you!"  

      -Sarah, Chicago, IL


"Sara is a gifted healer! She immediately pinpointed what was going on with me on physical, emotional, even spiritual levels, and she was spot on! Her energy work and wisdom helped me tremendously. I recommend Sara to anyone interested in their own personal development and healing."
      -Patty, Atlanta, GA


"Thank you so much for the incredible session yesterday! I am very lucky I got to meet you. I am very surprised at how much change I feel! I was able to sleep through the night without waking up, and I feel like a new person today. I feel very calm and noticed my vision is very clear :)

I had two really tough weeks. I was forcing myself to get up and feeling really depressed.  Well, today I feel very happy and can think more clearly.  I have no words to show my appreciation!"

      -Andrea, Atlanta, GA


"I've had very bad knee pain from torn cartilage and had to have surgery. I'm still having lots of pain 2 months after the surgery and have tried everything. I've known Sara all her life and she talked to me about her trying to help me with my pain.  As I said I'm willing to try anything, but was very skeptical that this would help. Sara has worked on me about 4 times and after each session I do feel better physically and emotionally. She is able to get right to where I'm having pain and ask questions about the pain and works on it to relieve my discomfort. She also asks questions about my life now and is right on the money about what I'm going through now and even asks about my past and is able to figure out what emotional issues I have to deal with. She has no idea about what I'm going through but is able to pinpoint some of my emotional issues now and even more amazing, my emotional state as a child. I will continue to have her work on me and I would suggest to anyone that asks to try and do the work with Sara and I believe you'll be happy and excited with the results."

     -Roberta (all but one of the 4 have been remote sessions done via telephone)


"I wanted to follow-up and tell you I really enjoyed our session. I felt so great after I saw you! I'm working on some of the things you mentioned to me and I definitely feel like I'm getting positive results. Oh and I didn't mention this to you, but the past month I had been feeling a lot of anxiety specifically when I was driving on the highway and since I've seen you, it's disappeared which has been wonderful - so thanks!"

     -L.L. (30 year old professional female)


"I am 69 years old and I have intractable back and hip pain from sports injuries and various surgeries. I also have heart issues and a very busy work/life schedule which often leaves me unfocused, stressed and very tired. The Energy Medicine services that Sara provides to me make a significant contribution to resolving these  problems. In my last session with Sara all of the problems above were “present” (very present). The results after the session were that my pain actually disappeared in that moment, my stress decreased and I was peaceful and very focused on the spiritual loving part of me. I slept really well that night. I felt very connected to the universe and very loved and taken care of. I have sessions with Sara on a regular basis and I always have the same outcome. I highly recommend Sara’s services for anyone who has my conditions." 

     -Gordon, MS, MPH, Marietta, GA


"Sara helped my children and I find our own, personal calm -- an eye in the storm, so to speak. My adolescent children and I were dealing with the stresses and strains of work, school, competitive sports, and home life. Sara's energy work relaxed and restored each of us, creating a space for calm, healing energy. Her gifts are remarkable. "
      -Kathy, Atlanta, GA


"I have had three sessions with Sara now and have enjoyed them all. What I didn’t realize going into the session was that Sara has a gift not only to help you with physical ailments, but also mental and spiritual as well. I feel I got a well rounded session and was surprised (in a good way) by some of her observations. Sara makes you feel 100% relaxed, is very professional, and will leave you with a sense of wonderment and awe of the world and the beautiful mysteries it contains."

     -Brandon, Atlanta, GA


"I had a lot of reservations before doing my session because I had never had energy work done on me before. The session brought up a lot of emotion in me, but I feel that I wouldn't be able to have dealt with those emotions if I hadn't had my session. Although there was a lot of emoting, it was in a setting that was entirely safe. I was able to tap into some deep-seated issues I've never before been able to connect with. I wouldn't say I have fully resolved those issues, but they were brought to the surface in a way that's never happened before. Emotionally I felt a lot lighter. I felt more powerful. Ironically, the session showed me that I have the ability to heal myself in ways I never felt before. There was one thing that was really powerful, when I was told to keep that piece of me in check that puts others' needs above my own, I am to envision a balloon floating above me, and tying that to the back of my spine and pulling inward. That still has helped me. 

Sara was extremely gentle, yet did thorough energy work. She created a space of safety because she explained everything that she was doing, so I wasn't surprised or jolted. I think human nature is scared of pain, and most of what we resist the most is emotional pain. Because of this I think it's absolutely essential to be exposed to healing in a setting that is gentle, thorough, balanced and safe, which is what Sara is able to do."

      -Raviya, Lexington, KY (remote session done via telephone)


"I went into the session with no expectations, and Sara provided a great space for the experience - I felt like I was being taken care of. I didn't feel much at first, but after a while when Sara asked what I was feeling (my eyes were closed), I told her I felt like someone was stirring a big pot sitting on my chest. At the end of the session, she told me that she had been making circle motions above my chest and heart - wow. I don't know how to explain it, but after the session I felt lighter, calmer, and more peaceful."

     -Kelly, Roswell, GA


Call 770.374.6526 or email to schedule a session in Candler Park.

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